Broken Screen Cashback 

Cracked Screen what can I do 

When your TV screen breaks, your first step should be determining whether or not it is covered under warranty. This can often save you a lot of money.

First, let's figure out if the screen is worth the repair or is it covered under the manufacturer's warranty,

Is there a line on the screen?

Lines on the tv screen can be covered under the manufacturer's warranty of course if your tv is still under warranty also can be screen damage caused by a sudden hit to the screen.

Is the Screen blacked out? Sound but no picture

This can be caused by the Backlight fault

Backlight issues can occur due to several reasons, including water and drop damage. Sometimes, it can be the result of a defective component.

This is can be covered under a warranty* and easily repaired

My Tv has a crack on the screen Can it be repaired

We understand that it is upsetting when you drop your TV or it falls off your entertainment stand or a child throws a toy at the screen unfortunately this is beyond economical repair. Tv are mostly screens with a couple of cheap pcb boards.

What can I do with my Broken Tv?

You can recycle your tv at your local council recycling centre.

But Why Not Get Money Off your next Tv Back On Your damaged Tv.

To help take the sting out of the next purchase of your new Tv.

We are here to help Get up to £200* in-store credit when you trade in your old tv.

The small print*

To apply for the money-back offer

Send us a quick email with the tv with a screen on to show the damage to the screen and a second picture with the model and serial number this can be located at the back of the tv


Keep Your New Tv Out Of Reach Of Little Hand 

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